[Video] What Black men think about how Black women think

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  1. This is a fun satire on the “battle of the sexes.” Lots of cliches thrown in there, especially the “strong black woman” mantra… which has caused some heated debate (e.g. http://bit.ly/acK0V3). Of course, it is ridiculous because it is not true, but if you repeat a lie enough some people will begin to believe it and live it. Hope most of us here know the difference. Would love to see the flip-side of this satire. For instance, the man wanting his woman to be tight, but he has a gut with back rolls and cant f*ck for nothing anymore. The ish goes both ways. Keep it light and take it easy.

  2. I guess it could be funny if I wasn’t the woman these dudes ran into immediately following this discussion…Bitter brotha man ain’t no fun!

  3. Kinda funny only because in large part its true. However i have to say that attitude has flourished because black men have allowed it to.

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