It’s DOOM Day at Headquarters

Many of you are already up on one of the must heralded “underground” rappers in the game today, the MC artist commonly referred to as MF Doom. With a slew of aliases and the face concealed, Doom is one of todays most prolific writers and receives top marks in my book for creativity in videos.

So today at ARU headquarters we are pumping Mr. Adult Swim, Viktor Vaughn, The Super Villian, King Geedorah, AKA Metal Fingers DOOM.


We’ll start with “ALL CAPS”.

Next up: “The Mask” Featuring GFK

And last a really good fan video for “Mince Meat”

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  1. His joints are completely entertaining !!! The top and bottom videos are Rock Solid Classic !

    I know where he's going and Im love'n it!

    More, More !

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