Welcome to the Crib – “Which School for Your Child” Corey

“Welcome to the Crib” is the Alumni Roundup series where we host friends and family at the crib for the most honest discussions. Join the conversation. In this episode: Corey from Albany, NY.

Host: Be Moore
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  1. As I was taught by our Dean of College Counseling when I was a school administrator, “college is a match to be made, and not a prize to be won”. It’s very difficult for us to see – especially for those of you who are parents – college as a “fit” rather than an “award”, but it’s important that we look at things that way.

    That said, I do think that it’s important for us as HBCU alumni/ae to inundate our children with a confirmed belief in the quality of an HBCU education. Even if they ‘break our hearts’. and decide to go to an HBCU other than our own – or a PWI – they should go there with the knowledge that HBCUs provide exemplary education. It solidifies the importance and the legacy of historically Black higher education.

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