Welcome to the Crib: On Ladies. Independent and Lonely?

The next best thing to Barber shop talk. “Welcome to the Crib” is honest discussion between the brothers. Be a fly on the wall.

Kanye speaks on the topic in this unreleased joint. I thought it was pretty poignant and relevant to this issue with many truths. In the end we’re all in this black family together. The best I can hope for is to be a part of the discussion. Maybe we can set something up. You down to talk it out with me?


The Concept:

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  1. “The sum of our previous choices have led us to the place in which we currently stand. To find yourself in a different or better place would, in turn, require making different or better choices.” An Original Ray of Sunshine

    I don’t disagree at all. Independence should not used as a declaration of lack of need. There is nothing wrong with need – it does not imply weakness. Making that declaration is not necessarily a sign of strength either but, instead may be seen as a weapon drawn in fear and defiance. I appreciate Ali’s illustration using the mechanic.

    Despite Pat Benetar’s song, love is not a battlefield. Many women need to put down their weapons and learn to be comfortable with being vulnerable. Wearing heavy armor (a twisted up face even) is a sign that you are ready for a “fight”. If you constantly wear armor and put up shields you will remain impenetrable – and alone.

  2. Hmmm…. perhaps I protest a bit much… lol… While I would define myself as independent… I’m not lonely… I am by myself, but it is clearly a choice I have made. I would agree that women could entertain the thought of being vulnerable a bit more, but I also know from experience that I’ve let my guard down on many occasions only to be left feeling taken advantage of… granted, no one can do this without my consent, but that is the feeling that I was left with… so, it does cause me to a little more guarded… approachable but guarded nonetheless.

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