Intelligent Entrepreneurs Tweet Smarter

Of course you have heard of Twitter; the free social networking and micro-blogging service which allows users to communicate with other users, or “tweeters” in bite-sized 140 character snippets. You’re probably on Twitter as well. You know it’s good for business and broadening your network.

But are you using Twitter wisely?

Many entrepreneurs know they’re supposed to use Twitter, but aren’t necessarily sure how to get the most out of their minutes invested. Though there is little remaining doubt that the social network is a potent tool when placed in the right hands, many entrepreneurs have felt the frustration of not knowing how to effectively pull the most benefit from the service.

The key is in your expectations. Those entrepreneurs who try to mine money directly from the service are often setting themselves up for disappointment. Though this can be done, it is not always wise. Twitter is not necessarily the best place to get clients directly. Twitter is all about building relationships, showing the most authentic side of yourself and building your authority as a distributor of quality information.

Getting started with Twitter is easy, and getting going even easier. Simply follow those people you find most interesting, especially those users who are in your target market or primary field of interest. The more you tweet the easier it gets. Be personal, but don’t over share. Others will care far more about interesting things you may have found that day to read or improve their lives in some way than they will be with what you had for lunch or are planning to have for dinner.

One final note, use your own photo rather than a company photo or icon. Twitter is all about being yourself. People are far more apt to follow you if you look like a person rather than a product or service, and you can’t possibly build the relationship without getting the follow first.

article written by: Gary Rae

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