Is it time for a Makeover?


Does your company logo look like the latest clipart design from microsoft word? If so, it is time for a logo makeover! With the presents of the internet you are now able to level the playing field.  With crafty design and a great website we have now made it difficult to distinguish a large corporation from freelance businesses.

If your logo has been used for a number of years, the brand awareness that has amassed can prove a valuable tool in the marketing arsenal of large corporations. With that in mind, the best thing to do is a logo re-design that implements a subtle change to simply refresh the look.

Take a look at some of the logo redesign examples below:

LaQuinta removed their logo from the green enclosure which really helped to lighten up the look and feel. They also used their golden accent color to represent a sun which helped give the logo a fresher appeal. Finally they updated their font by changing the case to all caps; the uppercase serif font brings maturity to the logo and the “Q” lends just a hint of Spanish style while the sans serif uppercase “inns & suites” brings an also clean and mature look to the new logo.
The Holiday Inn changed the shape of their enclosure. While this change utilizes less space it also and lends itself toward more of an iconic figure.  They lightened the color of the green, giving it a cleaner, fresher look and feel, and lastly they changed the font from a handwritten script to more of a rounded off, informal sans serif font.
logo5Syfy reduced its logo to s single concept, simplicity. They changed the spelling because they could not copyright the word SciFi, second they removed the old icon, created a 3D effect and made the spelling of SyFy more of an iconic figure itself, and finally they added a slogan and created a cleaner looking logo changing the Syfy to white. One thing that they did to maintain their brand identity was keep their two tone color scheme.
logo6 maintained their initial color scheme but made black the primary color for the new and improved logo. They removed their old fashion male icon and slogan and replaced them with a black enclosure and a lower case font giving the new logo a clean and less formal appearance.
logo7Expedia: Ok, so dont pay attention to the verbiage in the mock Expedia logo above. Pay more attention to the yellow plane orbiting the globe, the title font and slogan attached. Their new logo has been significantly reduced to a simple monotone icon and company name. I like the simplicity of their new icon, with such simplicity, this type of logo will transfer to other types of materials very well, i.e. t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc. Another really good thing about this logo is that it has been changed from a more vertical logo which can take up valuable space in a website header to a horizontal logo which fits much easier into website headers.

Bottom line, if you are planning on a redesign of your existing company logo or working on creating a new company logo, be sure to keep a couple things in mind:

  • Choose a simple color scheme that helps portray your company’s concept
  • Create a slogan or tag line that can be used along with your logo
  • Consider whether you want to use all uppercase, lower case, title case or a combination of two in your logo
  • Pay attention to the spacing in your letters, large spacing between letters can lend a formality to your logo
  • Consider creating an icon with your logo (for example nike swish or under armor icon)

One of the most important things to remember, is when you are designing your logo, think about the different types of materials you would like your logo to appear on. For example creating an intricate logo with many colors will not translate very well to a t shirt, instead be sure to keep your logo very simple with minimal colors. A great example of this would be the simple apple icon created by MAC. It is clean, classic, sophisticated and most of all simple.

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