Marketing 101: Do Something People Will Talk About

Barack Obama’s staff is not very happy about this poster that promotes nutrition-policy reform going up all over the Washington, D.C. area. White House representatives have already contacted the President of the non-profit association behind the pictures Neal Barnard, but so far they have refused to take the posters down.

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  1. Greetings

    Finally real dialogue on the diaparities between what low income children vs rich and famous or just financially solvent children eat. A recent Washington Post report revealed that the AVERAGE income for whites $90 thousand, hispanics $50 thousand and blacks $30 thousand a year. It is a logical conclusion that finances will effect the way that children are able to eat. often the cost of housing and other utilities make it virtually impossible for low income families to afford to buy enough “healthy” food. A position was created in the district govt to address the problem of food for DC students. The staff person visited the neighborhoods to identify healthy food sources for the children and help them to select nourishing foods. By that persons own account “healty” food sources were either scarce or non-existant in the low income communities of Washington DC. The staff person became so frustrated that she resigned from the job in utter dispare. This reality takes place in the capital city of one of the wealthiest most powerful countries in the world. If you do not believe me then I can personally take you right now to places in this city where hunger exists and is very real. The challenge is what do we do? Where do we start? Certainly the intellectual minds connected to this web site can create solutions to this very real issue. Lets begin with dialogue please e-mail me and begin with the first step communication. That is, if you are not too busy obsessing over the lives of celebrities

  2. The poster is in poor taste and a BAD example. The Obamas have their daughters in a private school that costs tens of thousands of dollars a year. They aren’t on a government-sponsored lunch program that the precocious PAID MODEL in the picture is denied.

    It’s especially galling given that our First Lady has taken childhood nutrition as her first priority issue. There are fact-based, reasonable ways to address the disparity without dragging the President’s kids into it.

    Bad ad, IMHO.

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