Where do chicken nuggets come from?

Saturday night, Gizmodo’s Casey Chan put up a post showing what the goop looks like that chicken nuggets are made of. Notice he didn’t say “Chicken McNuggets,” but it’s not too hard to extrapolate.

The photo shows pink goop as it comes from the separator in what is obviously a manufacturing plant setting. A figure in the background wears a white coat, while the hand that wields the scoop is gloved, leading the author to suspect that the material is crawling with bacteria. Chan goes on to conjecture that the pink stuff will undergo ammonia, and additions of coloring and flavoring agents to make it actually taste like chicken.

Commentators suggest that this pink chicken extract might be intended for hot dogs instead. Others affirm their love for chicken nuggets anyway. A further commentator notes that this substance, known as MSC (mechanically separated chicken) certainly does not contain the white meat, which is far more valuable, but does include dark meat, bones, beaks, brains, etc., and that much of this material goes into pet food.

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