Tito Talks Tantric Tittilation

Ancient cultures recognized that sex is one of the great creative forces which can only be truly appreciated by exploring its full potential. Tantra like yoga or Zen is a path to enlightenment which heightens and extends the special bond which exist between lovers during love making. Intercourse in Tantric sex has incredible spiritual meaning. An orgasm is seen a cosmic or divine experience. The Tantric teachers believe that sex should not just be a physical sensation but should be considered a deeply spiritual experience. In Tantra there is no specific physical goal in love making. There is just the experience of giving love and receiving love back.

In Indian Culture 1500 years ago, the Tantric Sect taught that the world was created by the energy of sexual union. The ecstasy couples experience during sexual union brings them closer to the Divine. All of these beliefs were written down in the Kama Sutra. People who are unfamiliar with the Kama Sutra have thought of it as nothing more than a visual guide of exotic sexual positions. However, further research has lead lovers to discover the spiritual and energizing benefits of its lessons.

Unlike Western culture, where sex is exclusive designed for male satisfaction or procreation, Tantric sex places equal value on both the male and female. In fact, sex only works when both are at equal stages and level of enjoyment. Both partners are dedicated each other finding complete fulfillment and sexual ecstasy. The emphasis in Tantric sex is placed on much more than the physical pleasure one gets from the his/her genitals.

Read about a few of the basics according to Tito…

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