HBCU Students On 2010 Emerging Leaders List


Name: Dyonicia Brown
Age: 28
Position: Communications and Outreach Director for ServeDC

In the same vein as the President and First Lady’s call for national service, ServeDC is the D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty’s call to service. Dyonicia Brown is the woman behind the Office on Volunteerism’s marketing, outreach and public relations, working to boost the spirit of service amongst D.C. residents through partnerships with civic groups, government agencies, and national service programs. Brown worked for Phillip Morris USA before joining the public sector.
*Repping Howard University


Name: Andrew Gillum
Age: 30
Position: City Commissioner for Tallahassee, Florida

Andrew Gillum first entered politics as a 23-year-old student at Florida A&M University and became the youngest person ever elected to the Tallahassee City Commission. Dedicated to working at the local level, where he implements policies around the justice system, housing, and education, Gillum says one of his proudest accomplishments has been bringing a computer program to what had been one of the city’s worst-performing schools.

“A personal driver for me is helping out traditionally marginalized communities,” he says. “Those people who don’t usually find a voice or an advocate.”
*Repping FAMU


Name: Stefanie Brown
Age: 28
Position: NAACP National Field Director

Responsible for organizing national campaigns for the 2,300 NAACP units across the country, Stefanie Brown trains members how to create a strategy around an issue, wield their collective power, launch petition drives, and talk to elected officials.

“I just took 40 students to Savannah, Georgia, to work on a campaign around Troy Davis [a death row inmate widely believed to be wrongfully convicted], and you could see the light bulbs going off in their minds,” says Brown, who previously served as the NAACP’s National Youth and College Division Director.
*Repping Howard University

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