Dwayne and Kisha Meekins On the Move

My Name is… Kisha Oliver Meekins

The reason you are reading about me is… My husband Dwayne and I are a military family preparing for retirement after 20 years in the United State Coast Gurard. As we make plans in preparation for our future, we made the decision that if we must still work after retirement then it would be for ourselves, doing something that we enjoy. After a lot of research to find something that fits our family, we are proud to be new entrepreneurs in a business called GameTruck.

Right now I’m working on… ways to make GameTruck the hottest new business in the Queen City, Charlotte, NC. We have joined our local Chamber of Commerce and are promoting through various local media outlets. We’re working to build relationships with schools, churches, and businesses that may be interested in using the GameTruck at upcoming events. We hope to work with both the public and private sector to enhance several events with gaming.

But if I wasn’t, I’d be… teaching 1st or 2nd grade which I had done for the past 11 years; my experience in education will help with understanding and promoting the educational elements of GameTruck, “Starternauts” and “Far Out.” It’s so important to understand that the technology of video gaming can be used for more than your everyday video game; and with gaming, while limitation many be needed, it’s a problem solving activity that challenges kids to use patience and strategy to win.

One thing I do every day is… As a family we give thanks to God for another day and ask for guidance in making it a successful day. We make sure that our sons, ages 8 and 9, are prepared with everything they need to enter the day and make is a productive and fulfilling day. After the daily duties of parenting and running a business, we still read to our boys nightly; something we have done since we brought them home from the hospital and something that we hope to continue for years to come.

I can’t stand when people… procrastinate! I have very little patience and don’t understand why most things can’t be done sooner rather than later. Get ‘er Done!!

But I love it when people… SMILE! A simple smile can change the outcome of a conversation or an entire day! A simple SMILE can change a person’s mood and how they interact with you. A simple SMILE can offer a sense of comfort and security to anyone from a baby to the elderly, from a sick child to a frightened person. A simple SMILE can have such an effect on single moment you not even know it.

If you happen to run into me in the street… SMILE and say hello. Since moving to Charlotte, I have been overwhelmed by the friendliness and cheer shared by those in Charlotte. I have lived from LA to FL to DC, and I’ve never been around such pleasant people than those in Charlotte. Most of the time, no words are even exchanged; all is said with a simple SMILE!

The best advice I ever received was… I know that it is not profound advice, but both Dwayne and I agree that the best piece of advice that we have gotten was when we had our first son. Someone advised to put him to bed by 8:00 from day one and stick to it. While maintaining that schedule while they are babies is difficult, we did it and never had an issue with them going to bed and staying in bed. Most importantly, this allowed time for us to enjoy one another before it was too late in the evening and we were too tired.

If I had to coin it, my message would be… EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON! So much happens in life good and bad that we don’t understand; and whether we wish that it had or hadn’t happened, it makes us who we are. Though there are joyous days and smiles, or trials and tribulations, God has us exactly were we are suppose to be right here, right now in life. I believe when things are good, take it all in and really enjoy it; and when things are challenging, take it all in and really grow from it.

My future plans and projects include… As we begin 2012 we hope to become active members of our Charlotte community. We’re excited about bringing GameTruck to Charlotte and look forward to the business growing and having a fleet of trucks in the area. We also hope to work with many public and private entities from schools, libraries, nursing homes, and shelters to Time Warner Cable Arena, Charlotte Bobcats, Carolina Panters, and Charlotte Motor Speedway; to name a few. We are so excited about working to introduce GameTruck’s Play3 initiative, which is an initiative to advocate smart, social, and safe gaming; and helps parents get involved in their children’s gaming.

Big Ups to… My son Mason, who asked for a video game party for his birthday and after doing some research we found GameTruck. Seven months later, we owned our own GameTruck! And we of course couldn’t go without thanking all the family and friends who have supported us financially and emotionally. Also, for giving great advice and professional services. Both Dwayne and I went to great HBCUs, I, Howard University, and Dwayne, North Carolina A&T State University; it has been priceless having all types of support because of relationships built while attending those great institutions.

Dwayne is an Alum of North Carolina A&T University, and Kisha is an Alum of Howard University. Dwayne is the co-founder of The Aggie Nation. Find out about their business at www.gametruckparty.com/charlotte

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