Southern U Alum Jacqueline Beauchamp is changing the game

I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Beauchamp in July of 2009 on a boat ride in New Orleans. We had the opportunity to play the halftime portion of the BCFX game in which players battle for team swag via a drum line competition. The setup is similar to the popular game Rock band’s drum experience. After getting property “shilacked” by Jacquie she informed me she was a band graduate of Southern University 🙂 No fair.

I’m looking forward to playing the full BCFX game and will report back as soon as I do.



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  1. I am soooo proud of the work that you are doing! It allows not only family and friends of HBCU alums to witness what we really experienced but by it being a game, it allows anyone interested in sports, black college sports that is to have the experience of a lifetime at the push of a button. My two children who are high school age love it. We have the first edition which is for the PC. Keep on doing what you are doing, we love it!! Thanks so much for making it possible for HBCU’s to be included in this fun, Tech Savvy world!!
    Emathieus L. Moncriffe-Moses
    Southern University ’89 (Go Jags!!)

  2. We are so proud of Jackie. Not just for SU but for all HBCU ‘s around the country ,when
    recession and cuts in higher education cut DEEPER into HBCU . She represents all of us!
    Buy and support her products!!!!

    Charlene J. Jones
    Southern University

  3. The Southern University family is extremely proud of the accomplishments made my one of our daughters, Ms Jacqueline Beauchamp. It’s our prayer that God will continue to bless and keep her.
    James Mahomes ’75’

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