Social Networking safe for kids?

My son is 10 and wants to join Facebook. He tells me all of his friends have Facebook, so why can’t he?

How do you allow your children the freedom to grow and become more social while still protecting them from unknown online predators? Or better yet becoming prey to a lifestyle of social ineptitude. For many of us, there is such a fine line between allowing our kids to join social networks to communicate with others online and letting them become couch potatoes that don’t know how to communicate with anyone unless it is via text, talk or type; With their heads buried in a computer or cell phone while their fingers move faster than their minds allow.

In the end, balance is key.  Allow them the “supervised” space to grow into our worlds social networks while also encouraging both physical and mental extra curricular activities endorsed by their churches, townships, and after school programs. Its important that all of our kids have the opportunity to socially mature both on and off the fields.


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