Leaving Home – Ep 4: Moving Into the College Freshman Dorm

Those of us who drove or flew in to college can relate to this part of the story. I personally remember driving down in my father’s Nissan Pathfinder packed to the brim with every little thing that I thought was important to me from my room at home including EVERY shoe, pair of jeans and accessory I owned. HA! What a mistake in hindsight.

I still had to take trips to the local grocery store, and Ames (equivalent to Target now) to get toiletries, a box fan for that humid room and unfortunately, roach and bug spray. Theres a definite adjustment in your level of comfort when your used to the noises at home, the creeks of the house, the sway of the trees and the early morning birds when you now wake up to loud music from the street or courtyard, random strange voices in the hallway and the smell of foreman grilled bacon in the morning.

All in all, I did what i could to make this new 10×12 space mine (Thank you to the Residential Dorm staff for giving me a single).

How do you recall your MOVING IN Day? DId you have a single or a roomate? If so, how was that experience moving in with a total stranger?

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