Roundup Radio – 10 Minutes with Uncle Rush

Our guest on Roundup Radio this week was entrepreneur and philanthropist Russell Simmons. In this discussion we touch on his initial attraction to yoga, his views on meditation, religion, and the message in his latest book “Super Rich – A Guide to Having it All.”

I thoroughly enjoyed this interview and have played it several times over, each time receiving a little more understanding of Russell’s perspective. As you know we highly endorse the adoption of a meditation practice as the health benefits are incredible. What I really enjoy about the book is the candor in which it’s written, which makes the topics very relateable.

Listen to the interview and let me know what you think. Shout out to Zenzele Tanya Bell who tweeted in a question to @AlumniRoundup that was asked on air. We love it when you participate!


Pick up Super Rich here:

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