Rock This Style: Tips for Chic Business Attire

If you’re scrambling to put together the perfect look for your upcoming work event, here are some simple tips that will help you put together the perfect first impression outfit.

Avoiding the “power suit”: The women’s power suit was big in the 1980s when shoulder pads were considered suitable for both fashion and sports teams. However, we are in 2011 with infinite fashion options. Try a short sleeve patterned dress from J.Crew or Theory with a linen blazer from Topshop.

Embrace Flats: Just because you have a “grown up” job does not mean you need to suffer in high heels all day. Heels are a love-hate relationship for most women; we can’t resist the four inch stiletto, yet we hate ourselves when our feet become blistered and sore. Save your feet and invest in a pair flats like these classics from Tory Burch and Steve Madden.

So here’s to looking professional chic and rocking those interviews. Cheers!


— Marissa Window

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