Fashion: Living on the Wedge

After a couple of years off the radar, wedges started to make their return last Spring, and for Spring 2010, the wedge is back. In addition to the fact that many women find wedge heels easier to wear than stilettos, they’re also great for showcasing some of the season’s other top trends like rope and cork accents.

What to Wear with Wedges

Hot with:

  • Flowing skirts
  • Bohemian styles
  • Thin, gauzy fabrics
  • Wrap dresses
  • Wide or flared jeans or pants
  • Gauchos

Not with:

  • Pencil skirts
  • Capris
  • Pants with narrow or straight legs
  • Skin-tight clothing

High & Lows of Rockin’ the Wedge


  • These shoes add height, but are easier to walk in than stilettos.
  • Wedges have a very cosmopolitan look to them – they’re worldly and sophisticated.
  • A wedge heel looks great with nearly any length skirt or dress.
  • Wedge heels, by nature, are a fashionable choice – by just choosing to wear them, you up your fashion quotient.
  • Wedges will add definition and shape to heavy ankles, making them appear thinner. Nobody likes cankles!

Lows of Wedges:

  • Wedge heels are still heels, with all their pitfalls. Please don’t think you can run a marathon in them.
  • Wedges can look a little clunky, especially when paired with very tight-fitting clothing.
  • This style tends to seem a bit on the casual side. While there are dressier styles of wedges, finding a truly elegant one can be a challenge.
  • A thick wedge heel will make really skinny ankles appear even thinner. Nobody likes anorexic ankles

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