My Top 3 Jeans

Ok, so why are jeans SO hard to find to fit our bodies? Or should I say out thighs and butts! I can go to 10 different stores and try on 30 pairs of jeans and not find ONE pair that fit me right until now… I have a new religion… Yes ladies, I didnt look at the price tag, I just tried on the jeans and right from the thigh, all the way up to my crotch, around my ass and just below my belly button those babies fit like a GLOVE. I felt like they were huggin me in all the right places from dawn til dusk….and the stretch in those babies was perfect! It was truly love at first site. Im talking about the none other than my new jean religion, TRUE RELIGION JEANS. I have 5 pair and counting and they are worth every BIT of $200 plus. If you got it, get’em, you will NOT be disappointed. Since trying on my own, I have converted several friends. Trust ya’girl on this one!

Rock & Republic. Im 5’7, so finding jeans that are “spankin’ my ankles” is not easy, especially if I am wearing heels. So in comes Rock & Republic. They are long enough to not only accommodate my height but also my 4 and sometimes 5″ heels, LOVE that. Im not lovin’ the small amount of stretch in them…I mean Im not doin’ ballet or marshall arts moves in them but the act of stretch is present.

And my last jean vote, pullin’ up the rear (no pun intended) would be Lucky Brand Jeans. You gotta love’em, they are half the price of my True Religions, some come in tall (if you need that) and they have all the boot cutin’, thigh huggin, crotch grabbin, ass holdin and plenty of stretch that you need! These jeans are just for those parties where you and your old school girls are trying to “drop it, drop it, drop’ it like its hot!” Dont forget to grab a fat Lucky Brand belt, they look great and are a perfect complement to all of my jeans.

Just gotta add one more thing…this isnt one of them columns where everything I list or talk about is expensive or over priced…ok some things are, but dont get me wrong, I love NICE things, be them $3000 to $3. So, I want to hear from you. What are your top 3 jeans? And take pictures ladies, whatever blue jeans you are rockin, rock’em HARD because you are beautiful.

…This is Jaimi signing off until tomorrow when I talk about my favorite thing, PURSES!!!!!! If you are a purse freak like me you will love it!

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  1. Jaimi-Lee! Thanks for adding a feminine perspective to ARU. I was starting to get worried about all the testosterone coming through lately. 🙂

  2. I CONVERTED! I have tried “7 for all man kind” I hate to even pull them out of my closet… just not enough stretch in any of the right places! Can a girl sit down and enjoy a meal? I have a great pair of Rock n Republic shorts… I have not tried their jeans and unfortunately I don’t think that I will get that opportunity. I went on a trip to Tampa with Jaimi and wore her True Religion jeans… ummm did I mention I played Volleyball in those bad boys? YES! I DID! I was bending, twisting, jumping and hitting. Did I mention that my ass looked GREAT the entire time! I got home from my trip and immediately bought two pair. Yes, they were pricey but WELL worth it! I am addicted!

  3. You can get a pair of True Religious for abt $50 at Filene’s basement. Also, if you are 5’10 like myself. Ladies should also check out Joe’s jeans. They have an 34 length inseam. Levi’s jeans also complement our bodies.

  4. @ Shan, notice your “ass” in the top true religion pic. Get it girl!
    @ Shell, babe I know. It was past time for some women to get on this site and represent!
    @Coco Covegirl: What? I mean, WHAT! 50 dollas!!! Yeah I said D-O-L-L-A-S!!! Filene’s Basement!!? See that’s why we need to talk more often, I had no idea! Im googling the nearest Filene’s Basement cause she and I are bout to get real familiar! Levis…Great back in the day. Havent had any in quite some time. You say they are good, Im gonna try them out! Thank you girl!

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