Oh for the love of Chuck!


Everyone loves Chuck Taylors, how could you not! They go with everything from relationships to wedding gowns, take a look…

chucks2Pair your Chucks with leggings for a young and hip look, with JCrew Classic 120’s for a classic dressed down look, or rock your favorite skinny jeans with some classic white Chucks. Either way, you can’t go wrong!

Chucks come in all shapes and sizes from old Chucks…


New Chucks…


Little Chucks…


And blue Chucks…

chucks6Next time you through on your Chucks, pull out that camera phone and snap a pix of your oldie but goodies. Whether you bought them 10 years ago and 10 days ago, Chucks will never go out of style!

PS…did I mention wedding Chucks???



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