Roundup Russy Presents the “Naturally Yours” Contest

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In an effort to help spread the word of natural beauty, hair education and health, I will be treating two beautiful ladies to a day in the Salon. Lets talk about the media’s influence on the definition of the word “beauty” and lets talk about the health and care of your hair. Whether you’re deciding whether or not to go natural, or have recently started growing out years of chemical processing, this will be a chance for you to ask questions and get specific, educated answers.

I have teamed up with Atlanta’s Salon Soy to provide a unique educational & hair style session that will have you leaving with a better knowledge of your hair type, haircare products tailored to your needs and most importantly a beautiful styled look. One of you beautiful ladies will also receive a Keratin Hair Treatment along with your styling session ($125 value). Keratin treatments have been proven to infuse your hair with and replenish much needed protein to encourage long, strong growth. It is also used to control frizz and give you a natural alternative to a straightener.

All of this can be experienced by you, a loved one, or significant other ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Here’s all you have to do:
– Submit a photo of yourself from the shoulders up, both from the front and the back.
– In 500 words or less, write a letter telling me your hair story. Are you thinking about going natural? Have you recently gone natural? Do you feel constrained by the hairstyles available for natural growth and what’s the one thing you hope to learn from this Salon experience?
-Sign the letter “Naturally Yours”

Deadline for submission is Friday August 13th, 2010 11:59pm

Winners will receive:
– The first appointment of the day, so no long lines.
– A one on one hairstyling session with a professionally trained hairstylist who will educate you on the texture of your hair and the best ways to care for it.
– A $100 gift certificate to return to the salon whenever you choose. You can decide to come back to maintain your new sexy look or pass on the gift to a friend so they can have the same eye-opening experience.

Salon Soy

On the South Side of the Atlanta skyline sits Salon Soy. Owned by Queens native, Soyini Thwaites, the hip salon is one of the newest in the city primarily offering the healthiest in hair care, and the most thorough information on the latest in products and techniques. Salon Soy is run by four fabulous young stylists, who are all about embracing the community that they’re in, as well as teaching members of that community how to embrace themselves.

The topic of haircare in African American circles has been either non-existent or completely polarizing. “We really work hard to educate our clients about their hair. Most of them don’t know what the real texture of their hair looks or feels like and that after years of relaxers, the integrity of the hair is broken due to the original molecules being stripped.” says Thwaites, “Then we have to rebuild by trying to add proteins afterwards, when in fact, we can start off with strong, healthy hair because that’s the way it grows out of the scalp in the first place.”

Naturally Yours

Fine Print
– Salon Soy is in Atlanta, GA. I have booked the salon for Tuesday August 17th, 2010. You must be at the salon on this day from 830am – 1pm.
– Contest winners must agree to be on film as your experience will all be documented to share with the audience of Alumni Roundup, and the following of Roundup Russy
– A preliminary meeting with the owner of Salon Soy will be conducted the weekend before 8/17/10 in order to get a better idea of some initial points to touch during your counseling session.
– Contest winners are required to submit a one page summary of their day at Salon Soy within a week of their visit.
– Send all submissions to
– Deadline for submissions 11:59pm on Friday August 13, 2010

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