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Tracey Wilson Dropped 100 Pounds. Help her Show the World!

Tracey Wilson has worked her butt off and as a result dropped an astonishing 100 pounds. The journey wasn’t a straight line, she suffered her share of ups and downs. In the process she’s discovered her passion and the warrior inside her. Now she has the chance to be on the cover of Fitness Magazine with your help. Click Here to vote her onto the cover, then check out her story and photos below.

Health + Wellness

The Adventures of @BillyOceanbot and @BAnjeeB: Ropes and Silks

On a stormy Thursday night, I got a txt msg. It went down like this.

@BAnjeeB: hey Billy want to take a Ropes and Silks class?
@BillyOceanbot: Hell yeah! (thinks to herself, what the hell is a ropes and silks class).

And so the adventure begins with the fun and fitness duo. Ropes and Silks is an aerial class made popular by the performances of artist Pink and by TSNY, a New York based school offering classes aerial and trapeze classes. TSNY recently opened up a location in DC down by the Nationals Stadium.

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Be Moore: Dead Man Walking

Bryndan “Be” Moore claims to know how he is supposed to DIE, and he’s hell bent on stopping it.

Sounds like science fiction right? Maybe an episode of Quantum Leap or Flash Forward. But spend a few minutes talking with Moore, and you’ll know he’s dead serious about changing this version of the future. Does he have what it takes to change his fate?

Dead Man Walking!

(Laughing) I guess so!