[Travel] Samiayah hit Prague for the Holidays

Brooklyn school teacher Samiayah Johnson decided to do the holidays different this year, so she and her home girls broke East… ways East. All the way the the Chech Republic to visit Prague. Here’s her story

The question I got most after telling people my New Year’s plan was “Prague? Why are you going to Prague?” My answer was short and sweet “why not?” For years I have heard numerous people and read article after article about how much fun Prague was. Interestingly enough those people who often extolled the excitement of the Czech Republic were almost always white. That fact alone, sold me. My friends and I wanted to do something that your average black woman would seldom do, go to a central European country with very few people of color during the winter. Am I crazy? Possibly. Was I nervous? A little. I had a bit of nervous excitement, truthfully I was more nervous about the weather than anything, cause we black folks really don’t like to be cold. But, I felt I owed it to myself to break out of my comfort zone going into the new decade and do something brand new. Plus, my curiosity to know what all the fuss was about wouldn’t let me back away. To put the trip in a few concise terms, the experience was beautiful and fantastically, crazy, fun.