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Danai Maraire talks with the ladies of the film and Gabby Union shares her drunken take on the Romantic Comedy “Think Like A Man” the battle of the sexes, and more.

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“Takers” Movie Review (2010)

Starring: Matt Dillon, Paul Walker, Idris Elba, Jay Hernandez, Tip “T.I.” Harris, Michael Ealy, Chris Brown, Hayden Christensen, Zoe Saldana, Johnathon Schaech

Director: John Luessenhop

Synopsis: A notorious group of criminals continue to baffle police by pulling off perfectly executed bank robberies. They are in and out like clockwork, leaving no evidence behind and laying low in between heists. But when they attempt to pull off one last job with more money at stake than ever before, the crew may find their plans interrupted by a hardened detective who is hell-bent on solving the case.

Our Take: I already know what you’re thinking… with a diverse cast of seasoned actors and criminal musicians this movie will probably be the next BET Movie of the week. Don’t judge this movie by its cast…


Why is Charlie Sheen better than Chris Brown?

Where shall I start?

First, I’ll say this. Domestic violence is a crime. I do not, have not, and will not condone violence against any innocent man, woman nor child.

If you will, please indulge me for a moment. I’d like to offer a comparison. A comparison between singer Chris Brown and actor Charlie Sheen. I chose Charlie for my comparison because he too, was recently arrested for assaulting a woman, his wife…on Christmas Day; just 6 months ago.


Chris Brown’s Tribute to Michael Jackson

Chris Brown was never able to perform a tribute to his idol, Michael Jackson. He did so last night at The Chris Brown Appreciation Tour at Nokia Theatre in Times Square NYC. Performing his best rendition of “Billie Jean” and even reenacting his dance scene from Thriller.

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“Who’s the Master!” Dallas Jackson on The Remake of The Last Dragon


My childhood was marked by several key influences not the least of which was my HUGE affinity for Kung-Fu movies. For years the male members of my family would meet for impromptu viewings of such classics as “Enter the Dragon” or “The 5 Deadly Venoms” and even John Woo’s “The Killer”.