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  • The CIAA Tournament Roundup Russy Style

    The Alumni Roundup crew hit the ground running at the CIAA this year. Here is Mr. Roundup Russy’s take on the Ford Fan Experience. I KNOW there is more to come. Tito, hit the horn man!


    It is day 2 of the CIAA Tournament and it is proving to be a festival of HBCU love.  Black people and good times. I’d like to thank all of the CIAA schools for providing such a great environment, but shout out to Tammy Green  from Virginia State for showing us that Trojan hospitality at …

  • CIAA- Lets Get it Started

    Day One of the CIAA experience was  laid back and research driven. It is my first time at CIAA and in the city Charlotte(believe it or not).So the first day  was all about finding out what’s what. The Westin had it cracking on a slow day , and from all looks of it will serve…