CIAA- Lets Get it Started

Day One of the CIAA experience was  laid back and research driven. It is my first time at CIAA and in the city Charlotte(believe it or not).So the first day  was all about finding out what’s what.

  • The Westin had it cracking on a slow day , and from all looks of it will serve as the CIAA headquarters for the “change clothes and go” crowd.
  • We hit the Ford Fan Experience– and met up with “the connect” Robert Bell who took care of us with the credentials . The convention center was filled with games, various stages, DJ, dance crews etc, and will serve as the entertainment hub for CIAA fans and families. The first day’s experience was all about Gospel Soul. We got a chance to see Yolonda Adams do her thing with that powerful voice and  caught Smokey Norful as he doled out autographs to fans. I must say that, Yolonda Adams may catch a lot a flack in the gospel community for being a bit mainstream, but you cannot take anything away from her singing. That lady is gifted!

After Yolonda Adams,  we broke out and had dinner with friends that we caught up with on “The Roundup” and explored Uptown in an effort to orientate ourselves with the lay of the land and the  spots that  will be popping throughout the weekend. Any suggestions?

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