Cle’s Quickies – The Trifecta – Top 10 Superheroes

Hey Mr. Cleveland, (I am him) tell me where you’ve been? Around the world now I’m back again……for another edition of Cle’s Quickes!

Superhero Summer

If you are a movie lover and a comic book geek, then you are loving this Superhero Summer we are having. Iron Man, Indiana Jones, The Hulk, Hancock and The Dark Knight have turned this summer into a comic book lovers dream!

Over the July 4 weekend, I was watching a program that listed the top superheroes of all time and it had Spiderman listed number one! I was like what? How the hell can he be the number one Superhero of all time and he weighs a buck-o-five. As a result, I put together a top ten Superhero’s list of all time. Take a look and see if you agree or disagree.

LOOK! Up in the sky…..