Cle’s Quickies – The Trifecta – Top 10 Superheroes

Hey Mr. Cleveland, (I am him) tell me where you’ve been? Around the world now I’m back again……for another edition of Cle’s Quickes!

Superhero Summer

If you are a movie lover and a comic book geek, then you are loving this Superhero Summer we are having. Iron Man, Indiana Jones, The Hulk, Hancock and The Dark Knight have turned this summer into a comic book lovers dream!

Over the July 4 weekend, I was watching a program that listed the top superheroes of all time and it had Spiderman listed number one! I was like what? How the hell can he be the number one Superhero of all time and he weighs a buck-o-five. As a result, I put together a top ten Superhero’s list of all time. Take a look and see if you agree or disagree.

LOOK! Up in the sky…..

It’s a bird…….it’s a plane!

No its Supaman Lova baby…….

Top Ten Superheros

10. Wonder Woman – She was born by a Greek Goddess and raised as an Amazon Warrior. Plus she could lasso me anytime.

9. Spiderman – Have to give him props off the strength that I use to wear his Underoos when I was little. However, he is still a little wimpy to be any lower.

8. Spawn – The only brother on this list has a tragic past. Not only did he make a deal with the devil, but his best friend bagged his wife once he died. Brings up memories of Dre saying to Eazy “Use to be my homie, use to be my ace now I wanna smack the taste out you mouth!”

7. The Hulk – Who didn’t watch The Incredible Hulk as a kid? (yes had those underoos too…) Caught in the heart of a gamma bomb explosion, Dr. Bruce Banner finds himself transformed into a 7 foot, one ton giant, with unlimited strength and a keen scientific mind. Gotta love it!

6. Iron Man – I am a big Ghostface Fan and his early skits of Tony Starks as Iron Man had me revisit this great superhero. So many gadgets and gizmos he was even able to defeat the Hulk. Plus the best movie of the summer… least until The Dark Knight.

5. Flash – Wally West is your typical cocky guy that always trying to get at the ladies. OBTW……he can tap into the universal force that gives him near light speed.

4. Professor X – Although he is in a wheel chair, he has a power everyone would love to posses, mind control. Just think about going into the boss office with this power, you would have the highest performance rating in the company! And let’s not talk about being in THE CLUB with this!

3. Thor – The Norse God of Thunder! More powerful than The Hulk, plus he is armed with a mystical war hammer capable of opening passageways through space and time. In addition, he was blessed by Greg Nice who so eloquently penned “Got more rhymes than the Mighty Thor!” Well that didn’t make sense but you get my point!

2. Batman – One of my favorite shows of all time. Whether it’s the cartoon series or the TV show, Batman will always be my favorite. No superpowers, just a utility belts and ninja like skills. Plus the meanest ride in the game.

1. Superman – He’s Superman, do we really need an explanation? He’s powered by the sun, has heat vision, freezing breath, invulnerable strength, speed, stamina and hearing! What else do you want from your Superhero?!?!

Other Notable Superheros

Eric Sermon aka The Green Eyed Bandit

DJ Green Lantern aka The Evil Genius

Ghostface Killa aka Iron Man

Redman aka The Superman Lova

Kool Keith from The Planet Octagon

Why Black People Don’t Run With The Bulls

Unless your name is Michael Jordon or Ben Gordon there is no reason to be running with the bulls. Case in Point.

The annual Running Of The Bulls festival began in Pamplona Spain, and on the first day thirteen people were seriously injured. Many were concussed, one had ruptured a spleen, one broke his ribs, another suffered a collapsed lung and one suffered from a fractured testicle. OUCH! In football he would be credited with a half of sack!

Video Of The Week

Three Doors Down – Krytponite

0 responses to “Cle’s Quickies – The Trifecta – Top 10 Superheroes”

  1. Cle,

    You’re cool and all, but there’s NO WAY Spiderman is 9th! Actually, the only conversation here should be who is top 3 among Spidey, Superman and Batman.

    Iron Man would be on NO one’s radar if not for that banging movie this summer. Same might be said for Spawn, who only existed in the comic underground until his movies hit. Might as well list Ghostrider.

    And any list without Wolverine (even before the X-men movies) is faulty, bruh!

    Now, I’ll leave the ranking to others, but i will defend some of the comments that you said about my favorite, the Webslinger.

    The great thing about Spidey is that he WASN’T some steroid freak. Or a multimillionaire. Or handsome, with a sidekick and a bunch of gadgets.

    He was just a regular dude, with regular problems. He basically changed the whole “flawless comic book hero” icon to folks (with powers) that had real life problems. And besides his size, he whooped a ton of @ss AND used his mind to beat his opponents.

    Last thing: I think the movies have done a terrible job in portraying how much of a smartass, wisecracking dude Spidey truly is. His whole “emo” scene in the last joint just made me wanna hurl. But we’re talking comics here. Spidey talks sh*t son! WHILE damn near being killed! If that doesn’t warm the heart, nothing will…


  2. DP, I’m with you. I agree wholeheartedly with your reasons as to why Spidey is great. He did smash the idea that heroes are perfect. Spidey is my favorite of all time and has to be in the top 3 on any list in my opinion, top 5 if you’re having a bad day, but #9? Come on, Cle. Besides being a smartass like myself, I’ve always felt that Spidey was really a brotha. I mean, who else can go out, save the populace and get blamed for the crime they helped to prevent or thwart but a brotha? See you feel a li’l more connected to Spidey already don’t you? ;o) Spidey is #1 precisely because he served cats and “he weighs a buck-o-five” to borrow a few words from you. He couldn’t overpower everyone so he had to outsmart them. My kinda dude.

    I watched the Batman live-action “boom, BAM!” as a kid and I watched the cartoon in college. I enjoyed both but Batman is basically Tim the Toolman with a cooler toolbelt and gadgets. Same for Iron Man. He just took it to another level. No way they are both higher than Spidey.

    Hulk has to be higher on the list and it’s an absolute travesty that Wolverine was excluded and didn’t even get an “Honorable Mention”!

    That program you were watching got #1 right in my opinion. What was the name of it? I wouldn’t mind checking it out.


  3. Cle, I have to agree too. No Wolverine!!!! You have Iron Man and Spawn waaaayy to high. No love for Spidey?

    I do vaguely remeber a program on either Bravo or A&E about Superheros and Supervillians. I google it and see if I can find their list.

  4. My man you HAVE to give some love to the Black Panther. He’s the King of the (fictional) African nation Wakanda, always turned back y-t’s attempts to invade and take over the country, joined the Avengers JUST TO SPY ON THEM, technologically more advanced than every other country in the world, just as smart as Reed Richards (well almost) AND he’s wifed up Storm

    the Panther is cold-blooded

  5. Ok you asked for opinion.. I agree.. Spawn is cool and all but not enough for me to be on this list.

    my list would go a little something like this….

    Batman – I agree love the Bat
    Wonder Woman
    The Hulk
    Jean Grey/Phoenix
    Martian Manhunter

    HR: Storm, Nightwing/Robin, Green Lantern, Captian America, Aqualad, Cyborg, Black Canary, DareDevil, Gambit.. I can on and on.

  6. Guys, I don’t know where all this love for Spidey stems from. Do you honestly think he could take anyone listed ahead of him? I’ll admit, I might have drank the kool aid on Spawn and Iron Man. And should I stunned by a gamma ray for not listing Wolverine, but Spiderman is just aight!

  7. It’s not about who Spidey could beat. It’s about your favorite hero. You seem to be going straight off of powers and abilities, and not personality, style, icon status, what they represent.

    If whom could beat whom was the case, Batman wouldn’t be on the list.

    By the way, I really like Batman, but find him too be too unbelievable to be just a regular human. He’s the #1 detective in the world, the smartest man in the world, the best hand-to-hand combatant in the world, pretty much the richest dude in the world, and has the best technology in the world. And still finds time to fight crime, run his business empire, and maintain his playboy image.

    That’s like 1 guy being Bill Gates, Sherlock Holmes, Stephen Hawking, Bruce Lee and George Clooney all in one. Just too much.

    And forgive me, but Superman is just too damn invincible. You either need kryptonite (what are there now, like 570 different types?), or some super-powered alien from another dimension/planet to even give him a nice fight.

    Give me the Web-head and cutting sarcasm any day of the week.

  8. Mystic is my top pick. She isn’t a “superhero” but she could change into one. And what about She Hulk? What you got a problem with green girls? LOL!

  9. I just realized I meant to say Huntress.. Batman’s little girl, not Black Canary.. but there are other super WOMEN out there than just WONDER WOMAN.

  10. Yeah, as all have said… You were trippin’ to leave off Wolverine. And, you definitely need Mystique. Iron Man shouldn’t be on this list. I hate to say it, but you at least need honorable mention for Captain America, Magneto and Juggernaut. Perhaps we should look at the best hero vs. villain matchups! That would work better!

  11. DP we are really like minded on the superhero front. I have the same issue with Superman. His invincibility bores me. There’s rarely a challenge for him. The coolest thing about him is the fact that while most superheroes put on a costume when it’s time to be heroic, Superman takes his costume off. That’s really fly.

    Cle, the love for Spidey is much the same reason AI (Allen Iverson) has such a cult following. AI is tiny by NBA standards listed at 6 ft and about 180 lbs (even though I think both are slightly exaggerated on the high end). His shooting percentage is abysmal because he was a volume shooter for most of his career, he’s not a big fan of practice and he has occasional spats with his wife. BUT he has heart and style and he represents the Moes and the Joes. He reminds us of someone we know. You can relate to AI because we all know somebody 6 ft tall and 180 lbs who is just a cool cat and is loyal to his friends. We all have a quick witted, smart-alecky friend who can verbally destroy all comers. That’s Spidey. That’s why the people love AI… and that’s part of the reason we love Spidey. They are both successful despite their relative lack of measurables such as height, weight, field goal %. Their success against the odds along with their relatable personal traits is what draws folks to them.

    For all you comic book fans, you can get the complete collection of quite a few comic book series on CD or DVD-ROM from Amazon. Yes, I do have the Amazing Spider-man The Complete Collection which covers from the first issue in 1963 through June 2006. They have the original ads and everything. It’s pretty cool. You can also get the Hulk, X-men, Avengers, Fantastic 4, Captain America and some others. Most of the collections range from $35 to $50. It’s a great deal because you would never be able to buy the actual comic books for those prices. They are printable just in case you are one of those folks who have to turn the page.

  12. Cle,

    I’m raising Spidey’s stock as well for the fact that he was a NERD.

    No need to front now. My superstar athlete wife loves to tell the story that when she first noticed me I was reading a Latin to English dictionary on the train. Nothing like the study of dead languages to cement ones nerd status.

    So for Petey to end up with Super Model MJ (please disregard the movie, Dunst can’t hold a candle to the comic book version. Comic book MJ is as fine as Tyra in that polka dot bikini! ) is SWEET JUSTICE.

    Score one for all Nerd-kind. Loving life.


  13. Co-signed on the cool nerd tip, and co-sign Kirsten Dunst as a wack, stiff impersonation of the greatness that is the comic book MJ.

    Bong Bong!

  14. Alright…whoever put that list together unless you have criteria that list means nothing. If it’s a list in terms of pure power you’re off you’re rocker ’cause the original Captain Marvel is the only hero out there who can take out Superman in a fair fight. The Silver Surfer has taken out the Hulk without even breathing hard so he has to be on the list. I’m not going to count Marvel’s whack Sentry character ’cause he was developed specifically to be super and didn’t naturally make it there like the others.

    And not for nothing but if you give Batman enough time to plan, he can take out everyone so again that list up there is really suspect…and any list that doesn’t include the original Captain Marvel just tells me that the person who put the list together knows nothing about comic books at all.

    Spawn? That’s funny. Let’s put Archie and 3-D Man in there while we’re at it.

    If the criteria is put together by historical and cultural importance then where is Captain Marvel (again), Captain America, Black Panther and Green Lantern (the Neal Adams/Roy Thomas) run?

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