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Roundup Radio: Black Leadership, Integration, and HBCUs

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Lavell Flamon, Educator Maurice Dolberry, and Grammy Award winning rapper David Banner discuss Black Leadership, the impact of Integration, and touch on the topic of HBCUs.
Moderated by: Be Moore of @bemor

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“Selective Terrorism” An Editorial by David Banner

April 19th marked the 15th anniversary of the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma City by Timothy McVeigh. While many gathered on that day to commemorate that tragic event, the act and others like it, continue to shed light on a fundamental hypocrisy in American society. The hypocrisy in question is the refusal of the American public to apply the term “terrorist” to anyone other than Black or Middle Eastern, Islamic radicals.

The lack of application of the term “terrorist” to Americans or Christians is certainly not due to a lack of evidence. For example, it would not be hard to recognize the brutal and destructive nature of slavery in America as institutionalized terrorism.  Just as easy would be a recognition that groups like the Ku Klux Klan and other Christian-based, White supremacist organizations have repeatedly engaged in terrorist acts. Add to this list the lynching of Black people and the genocide of Native Americans and we soon realize that domestic terrorism in the United States is as American as apple pie.

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“Are You Dead?” an Editorial by David Banner


If situations dictate actions, what are the consequences of inactivity? This question is more relevant today than it has ever been for the Black community. Here’s another pertinent question, are we a dead people?

How can a people be dead you may ask? If by dead we mean “unresponsive”, no longer “significant”, “stagnant”, “without resonance”, “inactive” or “no longer productive”, can the Black community then be considered dead? Some examples may prove instructive.

The power to define is one of the hallmarks of an independent people. It speaks directly to the issue of control. As a community what or who controls our everyday thoughts and ideas? Are we programmed by the packaged stories and images from the corporate controlled media, which in turn renders us “no longer productive” of our own thoughts?


David Banner and 9th Wonder – Trailer and “Slow Down”

The King of Mississippi and the Professor of Hip-Hop Studies have combined their talents to produce something special. This is how it starts…



Screen shot 2010-01-24 at 12.02.52 AM


David Banner “Somethings Wrong” Interview

WGCI David Banner Interview – Derrion Albert, Violence, Rally from @TheRealBanner on AlumniRoundup.

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David Banner on Alumni Roundup’s “The Bridge”

This was an early show we shot called “The Bridge” which was meant to address key issues between pop culture and urban lifestyle. In particular the show featured people who could bridge the gap between real life issues and the fantasy of entertainment, in this case rapper/actor David Banner. Though the episode is on the long side for internet consumption there loads of content and commentary on relevant issues especially the contradiction that faces artists social conscience vs. the business of entertainment.

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Here’s how David Banner and Scott Parker are preparing for Roundup Rendezvous

See the Big Boss David Banner (Southern U) and Scott Parker (FAMU) are doing preparing for Roundup Rendezvous in South Beach Miami this June. Are you coming? Check out the itinerary here.

We’re bringing Yoga taught by our own expert, Body Toning taught by our own experts, Meditation taught by our own expert, the best parties, the right people, and its all FOR us and BY us. LET’S GO FAMILY!

More videos and fitness information found here.