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Interesting Debate Concerning MD HBCUs and Online Learning

Regarding desegregation, Maryland colleges pledged years ago to not create duplicate programs which would hinder the state’s HBCUs. Is this rule outdated, and in the way of public learning?

The Baltimore Sun reported:

The University System of Maryland is appealing for reconsideration by the Maryland Higher Education Commission of a decision to block an online degree program in community college administration because it might compete with an in-person program at Morgan State University

Morgan State is a historically black college and the commission cited the state’s desegregation pledges to avoid duplicate programs that might undercut its offerings. But those pledges took place before the growth in online learning, and system officials fear the decision in the case could limit future programs. The University of Maryland University College, which wanted to offer the program, is still able to do so — but not for residents of Maryland.