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How Social Media Fueled the Ultimate Body Fuel Course

by Quia Querisma

Like most digital start-ups, started out of necessity and a desire for change. Coach Bryndan “Be” Moore, a certified nutrition coach, didn’t always live a life of clean eating and regular exercise.

Years ago, Be visited the gym intermittently, and would grow frustrated that he wasn’t achieving the physical results he was looking for. He lived a stop and start cycle with exercise and it was a passive approach to fitness. However, it was his father’s congestive heart failure and kidney failure that rattled him to his core.

After years of dialysis, as his father headed in for what would be a successful kidney transplant, Be had a moment of introspection that led him to pursue a significantly healthier lifestyle.

“There is a sense of helplessness that comes to the loved ones of those facing major surgery. In retrospect that was the day I decided to do the most I could to minimize my chances of passing on that experience to the people who care for me,” he said.