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“26.2” My First Marathon Experence

Back in November when I finally decided to follow through with my goal of running a marathon like most people who decide to run, it had been almost 2-3 years in the making. I wish I could put my finger on it but it was simply a matter of time and I was tired of putting it off. I said I’m doing the LA Marathon this year and if I have any shot at it I have to start the training program now or wait til 2010 and I didn’t want to wait. So after Thanksgiving (that was intentional) I started my training program.

I knew if I wanted to complete this I needed to attach it to something beyond myself. My personal goal wasn’t enough to get me out of bed on Saturday morning to train. Therefore, I joined the AIDS Project Los Angeles National Marathon training program. I’d heard great things about the program and felt it was a worthy cause so figured why not. For almost 6 months straight every Saturday I was up at 7am and running on the beaches, streets and through the neighborhoods in Santa Monica. I can honestly say I’ve lived in LA all my life and never once before this did I wake up to go running on the beach. It was truly one of the experiences I missed. It sounds corny but seeing the sun over the Pacific in the early morning, feeling the sea breeze as you run, watching the city go from a quiet rumble to a full on roar was amazing!

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