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Hey family,
I hope by now you’ve watched my involvement with FORD and have been entertained by the videos that I’ve been producing with the FORD FiestaMovement. After speaking with some reps realized how much buying power we have, they wanted to let me know about another initiative they are running that directly effects all of us.

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Father’s Day Technology Gifts

I don’t consider myself a gadget freak but there are a few tech items that I’ve purchased this year that are worth sharing.. Check out the following and you just might get an idea of what to get your father, husband or special man in your life:

So I just picked up a Sirius Radio system.. Well actually, Ford blessed me with a Sirius Radio system in the Ford Fiesta. I was also pleasantly surprised to open my door to a UPS man with a Sirius Radio Boombox delivery shortly after. You never will realize how cool Commercial Free radio is until you have it. I really don’t like local radio stations also because they end up playing the SAME top 10 songs every hour. It really gets annoying.. But with Sirius, I get worldwide music and a crazy variety to choose from. The Boombox has a dedicated Subwoofer in the bottom so it really delivers a range of sound. Additionally, It can take C batteries so I can use it outside if I don’t have an outlet in close range.