Father’s Day Technology Gifts

I don’t consider myself a gadget freak but there are a few tech items that I’ve purchased this year that are worth sharing.. Check out the following and you just might get an idea of what to get your father, husband or special man in your life:

So I just picked up a Sirius Radio system.. Well actually, Ford blessed me with a Sirius Radio system in the Ford Fiesta. I was also pleasantly surprised to open my door to a UPS man with a Sirius Radio Boombox delivery shortly after. You never will realize how cool Commercial Free radio is until you have it. I really don’t like local radio stations also because they end up playing the SAME top 10 songs every hour. It really gets annoying.. But with Sirius, I get worldwide music and a crazy variety to choose from. The Boombox has a dedicated Subwoofer in the bottom so it really delivers a range of sound. Additionally, It can take C batteries so I can use it outside if I don’t have an outlet in close range.

For the fitness oriented, the Nike+ System is real cool!! They make Nike+ Shoes that enable you to place a wireless transmitter in the inside bottom of your instep that speaks to your Ipod. This allows you to record your distance, time your runs/walks and track your progress online whether you’re training for a marathon or just want to count your daily/weekly calories burned. The additional piece is a wireless remote for your Ipod. It is in the form of a watch and actually keeps time as well. It allows you to keep your Ipod in your pocket or in your armband and change songs without fumbling through your shorts or through that thin layer of plastic on your armband.

To step up your home workout with a simple piece of equipment, I seriously suggest an ab wheel. It will get your stomach right for the summer time and is a small fraction of everything you see advertised on Infomercials that will produce the same results. I picked this one up for $10.00.

Whether you choose a standard camcorder or a flip model, Digital Camcorders are a must for every family these days. We have came a long way from the Huge Camcorders with the handles and Full Size VHS tapes. Both of the models I picked up this year have Hard Drives and the option to expand with removable media (SD Cards). They both shoot Full HD, 1080p. The larger model I have is a Sony HDR SR10, it comes with a 40GB Hard Drive, Night Vision and ridiculous Digital Zoom. The second version was actually another gift from FORD. It’s a Sony Webbie Flipcam. It is great for places where your not supposed to have a camera.. LOL .. its the size of a cell phone but packs full HD resolution as well as a 5 MP camera. The lens rotates so you can shoot forward or back towards yourself an see yourself in the viewscreen.

My last suggestion is a Iphone.. whether you get it legit with the 2yr AT&T contract or unlocked like my TMobile Iphone, the phone is a great investment. I am a former Crackberry user so I know both sides of the phone war. The applications and the ability to freely flow between phone calls, Twitter, Emails and the internet is amazing!! Truly the best phone I have had to date.
*Side note.. I got jammed up with the recent 3GS upgrade. The downside to an unlocked phone is that it is subject to turn into a paperweight if you get too close to Apple or AT&T services and applications and updates. Good news is that I know tech gurus that promise to have my phone back up and running in 24 hours..

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