Can you still be FREAKY with a FAMILY?

Let’s join this regular story, already in progress:

Male Point(s) of View:

  • My wife just is not as sexual as she was when we FIRST got married
  • My wife is not as freaky as she was when we first got together
  • Our sex life is unadventurous, uneventful and non-spontaneous.

Female POV:

  • All my husband wants is sex. Doesn’t he realize all I have to do, dinner, kids, work. I’m tired when I get home.
  • Sex is the last thing on my mind
  • My husband tries a coupla OLD moves on me, then when that doesn’t work, he just rolls over, I don’t think he’s really interested in ME, just in sex.
  • My husband doesn’t really do anything to stimulate me anymore
  • My mind is just not in a sexual place

OK now let’s turn it off.

The short answer is LIFE HAPPENS! But this is a common story, so what we will examine today is:

How do you keep knockin’ boots, when the little ones are knockin’ on your (locked) door?