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Idris Elba talks Ghost Rider, Video Games, and How to Pull Off a Convincing American Accent

With the upcoming release of the Ghost Rider film, based on the Marvel comics character, coming this Friday we received a phone call from a fan favorite and long time friend of AlumniRoundup, actor Idris Elba.

Interview by: Bryndan Moore

You are playing the character Moreau in “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.” So who is Moreau?

In the Marvel Universe, Moreau is a character that reoccurs in many different guises and people, and many different comics. He is not one particular person, so we took the name Moreau and made him into this particular character. Moreau is a Priest who likes to drink, travels the world, has his fighting skills, that is fearless. Basically he is kind of like someone that can look into someone’s soul and say I need you to do this or you need to this. He’s that kind of person.