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ESPN: Serena Williams Body Issue
ESPN: Serena Williams Body Issue

What does it take to get off the couch, wake up at 5am to run 5 miles, put another stack on the bench or decline second helpings of your favorite comfort food? The motivation comes from within. Sometimes, however, I find myself weak and tired. But then from out of nowhere something or someone will encourage me. Last week nauseous from sit-ups and dreaming of a big bowl of cheesy nachos, I was ready to stray into bad habits when I saw the cover of ESPN’s Body Issue. And there she was, the Athena of sports, sprung right from Zeus’ head—Serena Williams. With nothing on but her golden bronze skin, die-hard muscle body and bright red lipstick smile.


[Spotted On] What is the best sermon you ever heard and why?

Spotted on PRU… thanks to Joy Coleman


One of the best sermons I heard was in Baltimore City when an African American, female minister visited Heritage UCC & preached about the call for Christians to provide water to those who are thirsty instead of giving it to those who obviously have more than enough to quench their thirst. She reminded the congregation to help the needy and to try loving at least one person who is not – shall we say – easily lovable. We all know some folk(s) like that. She asked women to show sisters some love who are not in our sorority, family, and exclusive network of friends. Everyone was nodding and praising the Word and it transformed how I think. Can you relate?