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ESPN: Serena Williams Body Issue
ESPN: Serena Williams Body Issue

What does it take to get off the couch, wake up at 5am to run 5 miles, put another stack on the bench or decline second helpings of your favorite comfort food? The motivation comes from within. Sometimes, however, I find myself weak and tired. But then from out of nowhere something or someone will encourage me. Last week nauseous from sit-ups and dreaming of a big bowl of cheesy nachos, I was ready to stray into bad habits when I saw the cover of ESPN’s Body Issue. And there she was, the Athena of sports, sprung right from Zeus’ head—Serena Williams. With nothing on but her golden bronze skin, die-hard muscle body and bright red lipstick smile. Hot damn! Serena is a marvel and an oddity. Marvelous because her body and spirit blasts with joy, strength and wonder. Odd because it’s not usual to see a woman on the cover of ESPN or any major magazine with her body type. Her body fat has to be at 15% or less, but she ripples with a body frame that does not fit into a standard magazine cover size 4. Sharing some similarities with her—tall, muscular—I cant help but to be internalize her body success.

That success is not all sexual or physical. Yes, Serena will stop traffic in a bodycon dress, but she is also a picture of good health. She does not suffer from diabetes, heart problems or high blood pressure—the many ailments that plague mature A-A women. Approaching my 35th birthday, I too want to be a picture of a healthy physique. As she has inspired me to continue with my daily exercise regimen, I hope she inspires others to take time every day to care for their health. If Serena does not do it for you, then let it be an event, or a dress you want to fit in, or a super hero’s pectorals (Be Moore good luck on getting that Wolverine physique). Whatever it is, let it inspire you to work your body. Your body may not be where you want it to be right now. But it can be. Sweat and touch your toes. Your body will be happier for it. It will reward you with pain, but also with results.

Nachos be damned. I’m back to stacking weights and split leg squats. – KB “Billy Ocean”

News has it that Serena may be punished for her nude ESPN pictures.

While fans are loving the open stance of the tennis ace, the International Tennis Federation is not amused. The ITA is contemplating stripping the world no. 1 of her berth in the 2010 Australian Open. Further, she can be banned and fined $500,000.

Did Anna Kournikova get this much scrutiny?

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