Interviews with the Cast of “Jumping the Broom”

Jumping the Broom, the new offering from Sony Pictures, in conjunction with Bishop T.D Jakes and Producer Tracey Edmonds, is directed by Salim AKil (married to Mara Brock Akil – producer of Girlfriends and the The Game.) The film borrows cast member Pooch Hall, also of “The Game” to round out the all star cast in a wedding comedy for the ages.


Will You Marry Me? An Editorial by Michelle Drayton

African-Americans seek committed relationships and marriage just as much as any other ethnic group. They too long for the pomp and circumstance that the world will witness April 29 when England’s Prince William weds his bride Catherine Middleton.

It’s become standard practice in recent generations for black couples to ceremonially jump the broom at their weddings. The act exemplifies a delicate link between contemporary African-Americans to the slave culture of their ancestors who resiliently sustained precious native marriage practices. Though weddings between slaves were not officially recognized, the dogged continuation of matrimonial ties reflected marriage and family’s central position in black culture and community.