For Colored Girls, Tyler Perry, and the Black male image in the media

The following are comments from National Newspaper: The Washington Post

“I am an African-American male and I know multitudes of black fathers and mothers who are raising their families and living responsibly. These Tyler Perry clowns are the exception, not the rule.”

DCNATIVESON6192000 :”I dont think that a big black man dressing as a big black woman is funny, didn’t think it was funny when Flip Wilson did it and don’t think its funny now.

“That being said, it’s a movie. It’s a movie where Black PEOPLE are getting paid to act. There was a time when we complained that there were no roles for blacks. Then we complained about the types of roles blacks were given . . .”


Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wives: Antoine Dodson x Social Justice x Black Bourgeoisie

Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wives, and Your Husbands: Antoine Dodson and the Collision of Media Images, Social Justice, and the Black Bourgeoisie

The Background : It Aint Over!

Though the furor over the original video has been replaced with a catchy song, as Teddy Riley (G-rated version) and Ice Cube (R-rated version) have quipped: “it aint over!”  With over 32 million views on YouTube and a live performance on the BET Awards, Antoine Dodson and his story continue to remain extremely relevant.


New Study investigates media coverage of African Americans during Obama presidency

The fallout from the firing of Agriculture Department official Shirley Sherrod and the one-year anniversary of the controversial arrest of African American Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. have put race back in the news of late. These high-profile stories raise a larger question: to what degree does the press cover news about the state of black America generally?