For Colored Girls, Tyler Perry, and the Black male image in the media

The following are comments from National Newspaper: The Washington Post

“I am an African-American male and I know multitudes of black fathers and mothers who are raising their families and living responsibly. These Tyler Perry clowns are the exception, not the rule.”

DCNATIVESON6192000 :”I dont think that a big black man dressing as a big black woman is funny, didn’t think it was funny when Flip Wilson did it and don’t think its funny now.

“That being said, it’s a movie. It’s a movie where Black PEOPLE are getting paid to act. There was a time when we complained that there were no roles for blacks. Then we complained about the types of roles blacks were given . . .”

foldingtime : “I have to admit, Martin Lawrence always makes me laugh. Intellectually, I know how stupid his comedy can be, but . . . well, there it is.”

jhpurdy : “The real shame is that movies like Perry’s, which are usually one step removed from the minstrel show, make millions of dollars from black people while talented African-American directors such as Bill Duke and Charles Burnett have to scuffle for work.”

4color : “When the movie ‘The Color Purple’ came out, we had the same argument in the black community, which almost destroyed the movie and the actors in it. ”

Muddy_Buddy_2000 : “Movies do not show all of society, and it appears ‘Colored Girls’ addresses real problems that are far from universal, but are widespread.”

dgary1107 : “Black men are demonized in society anyway, so the expectation is that Perry has some responsibility. Perry needs to deal with his own issues in private.”

vkelly : “Tyler’s movies have given folks pause in the past. Some find them entertaining, some find them negative and the list goes on.”

margaretthompson1 : “Leave the bashing alone. The movie speaks for itself. There are crazy men in all races. Just pick one.”

flonzy1 : “Why is the portal of black men so skewed towards the negative? Why are there not more positive mainstream black male characters?

“Same holds true with religion in Hollywood. Christians are portrayed mostly in a negative light in modern movies, rapists, crazies, fanatics, and proselytizing. When was the last time you saw a Catholic priest portrayed as working for the best interests of the characters in a movie?”

nirvanna222 : “This movie simply gave all women a chance to release some of their pain and be able to share it. You could have made the cast any color and it would hold true to any race.

“This movie just allowed all our wonderful black actors to craft and share their gifts. How many black movies and TV shows of serious nature do you see these days?”

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  1. As someone who has read the book, I tried to keep the fact that Tyler Perry directed it from entering my mind once the movie started. I was one of the few or many that was not sure if he could bring the book to life on screen. As a friend pointed out, with that list of talented actresses, he couldn’t have missed the mark that bad. I didn’t want to compare it to the book as I watched but couldn’t help it at times. The movie was missing the fluidity that the book has which plays a major part in it. The weaving of the women’s stories was important. While it was good I think that better editing would have done wonders for me and the movie. Mr. Perry’s movie often suffer from poor editing. The fluidity was important to that story. I’ve heard from people that have never read the book say they didn’t like it. But I want the people that have never read the book to do so if the movie is their introduction to it all together. There is something about reading the book. Something to be absorbed from it that was not there in the movie. With all of that said, I didn’t not hate the movie. I enjoyed watching actresses I love portray those colors, those stories. But the movie did not wow me, I was not moved.

  2. I have an issue with the lack of balance. In my opinion for every negative image there should be 2 or 3 counterbalancing positive ones. Where are all the biographical dramas about the many African and African American greats? With the exception of Spike Lee, why haven’t the Black Power Players in Hollywood created an epic tale about one of these people?

  3. First of all ‘For Colored Girls…’ is based off of a book and play so Tyler Perry’s ‘influence’ is minimal due to this work not being his originally. As for the portrayal of Black Men in the media, many ARE correct it has been and is currently negative, however, for those that are UNHAPPY with the portrayal of Black Men in the media why don’t you do something to change it? Make your OWN movies showing a more positive image of Black Men, distribute your OWN movies showing a more positive image of Black Men, why are you waiting for SOMEONE ELSE to do it? Tyler Perry made his money writing and producing plays, moved into movies and proceeded to build his own studio/set…DO THE SAME!!!!! This is the ONLY way to ensure that they product you wish to see is out in the public!!!!!!!

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