Notorious B.I.G.’s FBI murder case files released

More than 350 pages of FBI files will give those interested in the case plenty to pore over in the coming days. The files about the FBI’s 18-month investigation into Wallace’s slaying were released Thursday after Freedom of Information Act requests.

The files may not reveal much that is unknown about the case (in part because so much is redacted), but they are offering up juicy tidbits for fans (Biggie had an asthma inhaler. He believed in practicing safe sex.). The reports also highlight the FBI’s latest shiny, new venture online.


J. Period and Uncle Ralph March 9 Video Remix Collection

Today, March 9, 2010, J.Period and “Uncle” Ralph are pleased to present the first installment of the March 9: Video Remix Collection: “Flava in Ya Ear (March 9 Video Remix),” a club-shattering blend of old and new that will have you pressing the rewind button… repeatedly. Then tonight, join J.Period & Ralph McDaniels as they premiere additional videos from the March 9: Video Remix Collection at Diddy & Mr. Cee’s B.I.G. Tribute at The Lab in Brooklyn, NY!! And later this month, tune in as BET’s “The Deal” premieres March 9: Video Remixes as part of its own B.I.G. tribute. Want the latest? All March 9: Video Remixes and original remixes will be available throughout the month at:


Notorious (2009)

It was all a dream, I used to read Word up! Magazine…

I could finish the line but fan of Biggie or not, you likely know the lyrics.

Juicy, Big Poppa, Get Money, and a ton of other memorized but not regularly accessed sound-bytes have been playing over and over in my head all day. Thanks to Sprite Green, friends at Fox Searchlight Films, and I was invited to check out the Premier of “Notorious” last night at New York City’s Lincoln Theater.

The theater was a virtual who’s who in Black entertainment;