Can You Take Your SO to Homecoming?

Taking Ya Folx (AKA Signifcant Other) to Homecoming when they didn’t’ go there!  Whew!  This is always a sticky situation.  To take, or not to take?  That is the question!  This is how I feel about taking My Folx to Homecoming @ HU (and I’m not talkin’ about Mom and Dad).  You have to be VERY secure in your relationship and they have to know how to play the back.  It’s almost like you’re the celebrity and they are your non-famous S.O.  You are huggin’ and posin’ (for pictures) with so many people.  Steppin’ with your frat or sorority that your SO certainly can get pushed to the side.  If they are the type that needs lots of hand-holding, then definitely HU (my alma mater) homecoming is NOT the place for them.