Black People vs. Statistics

Black people love “statistics”.

I haven’t done my own scientific study nor do I currently possess empirical data to support this, but I am convinced that this is the case…and that the media has gotten ahold of this “theory” as well.

How else can you explain the way that the release of “statistics” – especially the “findings” that paint a bleak picture for Black Americans – solicits such passionate, sweeping responses that inundate social media?


Support African American businesses and save

A national statistic shows 90-percent of the dollars spent by African Americans go to businesses that are not African American owned or invested.


Black America Allows the CDC to Stack Herpes Numbers: The Truth Behind the “Statistics”

“I’m a Black woman in America, and I’m very concerned.”

There have been several reports, press releases of sorts stating some very unnerving news about the Black woman in the United States. Reports say that 48% of Black women have herpes, 46% of Black women have a net worth of $5, and 70% of Black women are not married. With numbers like this, is there any hope left for Black women? These statistics, in my opinion are of PANDEMIC; even EPIDEMIC proportions. Over the next several weeks, I will investigate these “reports.”