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New study: Vitamin-D Deficiency in Women Increases Risk of Pregnancy-Related High Blood Pressure

A new study finds that women who develop a severe form of pregnancy-related high blood pressure tend to have lower blood levels of vitamin D than healthy pregnant women — raising the possibility that the vitamin plays a role in the complication.


Watch out for the Big Girl!

A study done by The Obesity Research Center found that approximately 50% of adult African American women are considered obese by prevailing standards. Moreover, this prevalence appears to be increasing. Obesity has an important influence on the development of a variety of morbidities among African American women. The effect of obesity on longevity among African American women is less clear. The reasons for the very high prevalence of obesity among African American women are unknown. Data supporting various putative genetic, physiological, and psychosocial influences are discussed.

The above statement made me think about some of the other posts on our Alumni sites. Aside from the obvious health risk, is this part of the reason why women have such a hard time finding a good man?

Are the successful independent women having a girls night out at their favorite restaurant while the “good men” are at the 24 hour gym?

Does the stress of being a career-oriented woman and/or single mother make women physically less attractive to her male counterparts?

What are your thoughts?