Watch out for the Big Girl!

A study done by The Obesity Research Center found that approximately 50% of adult African American women are considered obese by prevailing standards. Moreover, this prevalence appears to be increasing. Obesity has an important influence on the development of a variety of morbidities among African American women. The effect of obesity on longevity among African American women is less clear. The reasons for the very high prevalence of obesity among African American women are unknown. Data supporting various putative genetic, physiological, and psychosocial influences are discussed.

The above statement made me think about some of the other posts on our Alumni sites. Aside from the obvious health risk, is this part of the reason why women have such a hard time finding a good man?

Are the successful independent women having a girls night out at their favorite restaurant while the “good men” are at the 24 hour gym?

Does the stress of being a career-oriented woman and/or single mother make women physically less attractive to her male counterparts?

What are your thoughts?

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  1. maybe it’s just me, but if i was told i was obese and that could lead to major illness/premature death, i think the main relationship i’d be concerned about is the one i have with myself…all others can take the backseat.

  2. This has been an issue forever most of us either have a grandmother or know a friend’s grandmother that we lovingly refer to as Big Mama however we have to stop the cycle…Im not suggesting anything drastic just simple changes that result in better health ie. walk – anywhere you want just walk, skip the fries – not everytime but most times, etc…and as far as it relates to finding a good man it doesn’t directly relate to finding a good one but probably a man in general I don’t know many men or women for that matter who prefer an obese mate…so yeah the healthier (notice I said healthy and not thin) you are the more dates you’ll likely get which means you increase your odds of finding Mr. Right!..

  3. It could be the jeans, but the lady in the picture looks fine to me. Having said that, we all could cut back on the KFC and fries…I’m actually a Popeyes/Bojangles guy.

    Women who have trouble finding good men are probably having trouble defining good men…IMO

  4. I am sure there are a myriad of reasons attribting to the issue. As a DJ in NYC..I am finding that more and more African-American Women are becoming more and more comfortable with being “thicker” and there is definitely less of an obsession with being super thin like black women’s white counterparts. Even still, I am noticing that certain role models like Toccarra (although she has lost some weight now), Monique and even the latest winner of America’s Next Top Model (her name excapes me) have worked to put a stamp of approval on being bigger and beautiful. Last month, I was actually hired to DJ a BBW “Big & Beautiful Women” Party where 12+ girls and the guys who adore thick women come out and mix and mingle. I was amazed by what I saw…there is apparanly a big market for this (no pun intended) and most of the guys who came out were not big at all. Although personally, I don’t have a preference for women that are too big OR too thin…I have to say spinning at that event gave me a new respect and fresh perspective for bigger ladies and how they carved a niche for themselves by creating these uniqe events around the country celebrating their physiques.

  5. @JC…its the jeans man…ive been fooled a few times by jeans…you get the woman out of’em and its cellulite city

  6. You are kidding me right? America has a problem with the obesity, by no means do black women own it. I do believe the brothers are out pacing us. The brothers with the braids, breast, and big bellies. It’s a known fact that men on average are more overweight than women. We women are just held to a hire standard. I agree with Aisha that I do not need to maintain my health for a man. But women in general need to look after themselves and there kids. We have become an all around undisciplined group of folks whether its education, money, health, relationships etc. It all takes prioritizing our lives and focus. My last asssignment I gain 15 lbs, lost 5 already and down to another 10. You just don’t let it get out of control. Increase activity and clean eating is what we all need to do. Let’s not even talk about smoking and AIDS, risky lifestyle is a risky lifestyle.. DISCIPLINE. It looks like folks need to stay clear of cbs, you can at least see cellulite!!

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