Al Sharpton and Tavis Smiley Clash on Air

Tavis Smiley: We need to have a conversation on whether or not Black Leaders are giving President Obama a pass on the Black agenda. This president needs to be asked to focus on issues dealing with Black folks.

Al Sharpton: I spend 18 hours a day dealing with Black Folks’ agenda. I think the president is smart for not becoming a Black exponent on Black views to feed into Glenn Beck and all of them; So they can have an easy way to stop legislation to help Black people.

Al Sharpton continues by saying, “I think some of the objective people in our community who have not been pro or con the president should convene this. I don’t we should limit it to talking about the president. We should talk about the Black politicians and Black leaders that supports whites against blacks. Let’s talk about Blacks that run around selling books and aren’t accountable to the community.”

What do you think?


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  1. I believe Al sharpton is right. We can not depend on the President to handle black issues. He is not the black President he is a President who happens to be black. I think alot of us get that confused. It is up to us in our own communities to ix most of our problems. Why are we the only race of peolpe onthis plaet who need leaders to speak for all of us? I dont agree with what Al Sharpton says or does al the time, but I do belive in his goal for black peolpe. We have to be our own leaders and not wait Al or Jesseor even Pres. Obama to do tfor us.

    Tavis Smiley has been against Pres. Obama since the election. He was and till is a Clinton supporter. He still says Bill CLinon was our first black President, even though more black men where encarcrated when he was in office, NAFTA was signed wich led to mass job loss in America double in the black community.Tavis has done nothing in particular for the black race whom he claims to love so much. He has his State of the Black Union every year except last year and didnt even invite the Michelle Obama to the conversation, but Hillary Clinton was there. AT these State of the Black Union address the same people are on the panel( every year) to have the same conversation about the same problems they had the previous years. Nothing changes its just a whole bunch of talk. No oe gets mad enough to come off stage ino the streets to make things happen. Tavis was wrong to try and call out the black leaders who went to talk to the President, because he has never and I mean never put action behind any of his words. He needs to rethink his position and try to work with the people he is going against if he really loves hs what he calls ” Black Folk”.

  2. WOW! Black people as a whole have never stuck together! We need to do that. President Clinton had the blacks fooled. He is not, never will be black. Has no idea what a black man goes through. I hate it when people judge and/or criticize because of race. This is pure ignorance on their part. Let’s do what we can to improve society as a whole. President Obama has a tough enough time as it is. He is half white as well. Which is not an issue with him (thank God). We need to pray positively for our President and leaders. Is Tavis sure he is black??

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