Architect of the Pell Grant Dies at 90

I’m sure this program was helpful to more than a few of us. Claiborne Pell, creator of the Pell Grant dies at home with family.

Claiborne Pell, Senator of 36 year and best known for championing better education for the poor, died Thursday.

Pell served as a Democratic senator from Rhode Island from 1961 to 1997. He was the architect of a grant program that bears his name and has helped tens of millions of Americas attend college.

Vice President-elect Joe Biden, who served in the Senate with Pell, called him “one of our nation’s most important voices in foreign policy for over 30 years.”

“Claiborne Pell was a man of extraordinary integrity, grace and decency,” Biden said in a statement.

“Because of Senator Pell and the Pell Grant, the doors of college have been opened to millions of Americans — and will continue to be opened to millions more. That is a legacy that will live on for generations to come.”

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