Aspen Steib is On the Move


The reason you are reading about me is…
I am a NY based journalist working for CNN.

Right now I’m working on…
I express myself through art. My art is acting. I am currently working with Susan Batson and she is the acting world’s version of Yoda.

But if I wasn’t, I’d be…
Starting a new concept company I have been thinking about for a while.

Little known fact… Aspen is a trained dancer and actress and also a paintball enthusiast.

One thing I do every day is…
network. I make it a point to speak to someone new everyday. I’ve made the best contacts by talking to random people.

I can’t stand when people… lie.

But I love it when people… tell the truth even when it hurts.

If you happen to run into me in the street…say hi and give me a hug!

The Best piece of advice I ever received was… no guts, no glory.

If I had to coin it, my message would be…
“Sleep is a luxury that’s hard to afford when you’re ambitious.” -Aspen

My future plans and projects include…
well it wouldn’t be very prudent of me to TELL you…

Big Ups to… my parents. I wouldn’t be who I am without them.

Aspen Steib is a New York based journalist currently working with CNN. She has also blogged for the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. As a lover of the tech and social media scene, Aspen has been on the forefront of new technologies. She is believed to be the first journalist to live-stream video from Twitter during a major news event. As a digital mobile transmission unit, Aspen has covered the United Nations General Assembly, Michael Jackson’s death, Hurricane Gustav and the Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration. She is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Howard University in Washington, DC.

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  1. Aspen you are a wonderful person and have worked extremely hard to get where you are. Always be true to yourself and never ever forget where you came from. You are always in our hearts and in our prayers, best of luck and keep on making your Mom and Dad proud. We love You and miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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