Atlanta area students allowed to wear KKK robes for history lesson

School leaders say Catherine Ariemma allowed four students to wear KKK-like robes for a historical reenactment about discrimination.

It was part of a project for Ariemma’s advanced placement history and film class at Lumpkin High School in Dahlonega.

The superintendent says he doesn’t believe Ariemma was intentionally trying to offend anyone but her decision was a bad one.

The superintendent says other students saw the four walking through the hallways in their costumes and became upset.

The school is now considering a new policy requiring all film projects to first be approved by an administrator.

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  1. Update on this:
    The week before, a black female middle school teacher allowed several students to do the same thing. It didn’t make the news until after this story broke. Also, demographics should be mentioned=
    Lumpkin county (where the high school incident occurred)is no where near Atlanta- it is rural comparatively. Nevertheless the school board which did not have many dark faces acted swiftly with sanctions/suspension. Notably, the reaction of the mixed race student was featured strongly. Hmm-other’s??
    The other incident, middle school black teacher doing the same type social studies/history unit allowed students in Gwinnett (the largest school system in metro area and diverse)to do the same thing-no publicized reaction until today! Sisters defended her right to aloow real demonstrations to teach.
    From a local standpoint, I have to say most of the publicized discomfort came from non traditional sources – ya know what I mean.

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