Chris Henry’s fiancee, NCA&T Alum Loleini Tonga


After a history of troubles with the law, in recent days NFL star Chris Henry seemed to be coming back from the personal and professional brink. He credited much of his success to his fiancée Loleini Tonga. But that relationship now seems to be at the center of the athlete’s death.

Henry passed away Thursday from injuries he sustained after he fell from the back of a moving truck. Police have said Tonga was driving the vehicle after a “domestic dispute” between the two.

Henry is engaged to Tonga, and the couple has been raising three children. On Tonga’s MySpace page she identifies herself as “Mrs. C. Henry” and has a picture of her next to a person who appears to be Henry.

She also has a post from Dec. 15 talking about buying wedding rings. A neighbor said Wednesday that the Tonga family owns the home where police say the incident began. Tonga’s parents live in Charlotte.

Aside from all the press and negative attention, Ms. Tonga IS ONE OF OURS. At this time I’d say the could use support more than anything else.

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